Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today is Tree Day!

Today is tree day so let's get started with my newest tiny trees.

The first one up is made of dark green glass chips and gold colored copper wire.
I think I prefer the darker green to the lighter green I've used before.  I also made the flower base on this green one a bit bigger, I like how it turned out.
Next up is a tree made of light pink chips and silver colored copper wire.

I love the light pink and the flower base is big enough to keep this top heavy beauty from falling over.

Then there is this tree made of purple glass chips and silver colored copper wire.

I like the deep color of the purple glass, this tree really looks great in natural light.
 Finally a group photo with the large tree trunk from last week's tree day.

Some of the photos have fuzzy spots which means there was a bit of over lighting.  Taking good photos of tiny things in a mini light box can be tough; not enough light, then too much.  I am learning, just not as quickly as I would like;).

Thanks for taking a look at my latest trees.

Have a spectacular Thursday!

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