Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Visit and a Restival Festival

This weekend I have family coming in; My Dad and Step Mom as well as my Brother and his little toddler daughter.  I have not been around small children in many years, since Isabel was small and she is 13 now.  I am not sure what to expect.  Isabel is excited to help and play with her cousin, so that is good.
We are all so excited to see my brother, it has been a few years since we've seen him and we have not met his daughter.  I am an aunt.  So cool.  I wonder if she will call me Auntie or something cute like that.

My Dad is an amazing man and I feel proud and lucky to be his daughter.  He is married to a very special lady who is his perfect match, I am so glad she is coming.

I can't wait to hug each of them.

We have no pre-visit photos, so I have a special treat.  A college of Luci having a restival festival.

Luci is so lovely and sweet.  She gives love to each of us everyday.  Cheers to the best companion ever!

Have a super fun Friday!

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  1. Have fun. I'm sure your little niece will fall head over heels in love with you. Luci is so fricking adorable! It kills me.


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