Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tree Day with Other Wire Fun

I love tree day because it is the day I share new trees I've made during the week.
I have not been as tree productive, there is only one ready to share.  I have several almost ready, so next week is going to be a fantastic tree day.
Because there is only one tree, I am going to share a few other things I have been trying out.
Let's start with the fun stuff first.

My newest tree:

It is made of Unakite stone chips, they have a great green and pink color.  The trunk is not quite so spring shaped as in the photo.

Yesterday I started bending a tiny wire fairy.  It's not complete, but I like how it is coming together.

Lately I've been interested in macrame.  I want to see what knots I can work out in wire, so I have been practicing with my wire scraps.

Here are two tries at a sailor knot:
The pink wire is a bumpy scrap that I got into a sailor pretty easily.  The silver one is a scrap I was able to make into a ring, I like the way the sailor's knot is slanted sideways.  I almost have it down.

Ok, I have to share one of my trees that did not work out.
I completed a prototype of a bigger tree, about five inches tall and it just does not look good.  I am actually taking the stones off to use on the next prototype.  The branches on this one are too thin and there aren't enough of them.  I tried shaping it into a weeping willow, still no good.  After I take the stones off I will see what I can do with the trunk, I think that part looks pretty good.  I will share it next week if I am able to turn it into something.

Luci says hello.

I hope you have an awesome Thursday.


  1. I love the fairy. And hello to Luci (pretend I'm saying that in Ricci Ricardo's accent.)

  2. I love the mini tree, I have seen something similar at my friends house but I had no idea how they are done. So thank you for the pics and of course give a kiss to Luci from me, she is adorable!

    1. Luci loves kisses, so thanks. I completed a tutorial ( to show how to make the tiny trees, they are much easier than they look and make great gifts;).


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