Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk?

I found a great blog called Stamping Ground and the owner Julia Dunnit invented "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?"  Basically it is an opportunity to make new friends and share what your desk looks like at this point in the week.  A great group of bloggers link up on Stamping Ground with a post and photo about their work desk.  I followed the links a few times and really enjoyed meeting new people and seeing their cool desks.  Now I want to join in and share my desk.

My desk is pretty clean.  I took the photos last night so they are a bit dark and my darn lamp just wants to super shine.  You can see my slinky collection under the lamp.  I made a new mini lightbox that I can take anywhere and use while I sit.  I am still learning how to use it, but am having fun experimenting with different objects.  I am making a new tree, I use a little white tray so I can see the dropped beads easily.

My desk top is made of glass, that's why the surface looks odd, there are reflections and you can see through it.  I must be the last person that has black desk accessories, It seems everyone has white everything.
I cleaned an egg carton to use as storage for my tiny trees.  I am taking new photos of them with the light box.  I wish I could fit my desk in the lightbox;).

I took the last two photos using my mini light box.  They are much better then the photos I was getting before.

If you are visiting from Work desk Wednesday, Welcome and Thanks for stopping by.

I hope your week is going well.  I have family coming in this weekend and we are getting excited.  I will post about the visit on Friday.

Click here to see the list of Workdesk Wednesday
participants on Stamping Ground.


  1. Your desk looks very tidy and the fact that you work with beads must mean you are a patient person. I took part in the where bloggers create event, and you are right about the white spaces. I did see some very elegant and classy dark ones as well.Keep smiling and creating, thanks for popping by.

  2. Welcome to the world of snoopers on wednesday. Thanks for stopping bye @ my blog and your kind comments. Love your glass trees. Francesca #100

  3. Welcome to the world of WOYWW! I'm quite a newbie myself, and it is terribly addictive... so watch out! Your trees are amazing - I can't imagine how long it must take, and what patience: gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by at Words and Pictures.
    Alison x

  4. Welcome, I'm not that long in the meme either. These trees are cool! #138

  5. Hi, Frances -- congrats and welcome on your very first WOYWW posting day! It's addictive, for sure. :) I love your little trees -- like colorful little bonsai trees. Very cool. Thanks for already commenting/visiting my blog today. ~ Laura #118

  6. Hi, hope you enjoy posting on WOYWW. Love your little trees, I'm off to peek at the rest of your blog now :)

    Helen (Ellie Wee) #77 xx

  7. WOW your tiny trees are just stunning, And I love your home made light box, but that comes in handy for getting those all important pic prefect shoots :)
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #78

  8. welcome to WOYWW as a desker as well as a visitor, great too see you. and your tidy and clean word those trees are delicious, how patient and clever you are. The egg box storage is genius!

  9. Welcome to WOYWW! I've been joining in for a couple of months now and it is great fun! Your trees are truly amazing! Fantastic! Happy WOYWW - thanks for stopping by my desk! Victoria no.87

  10. Hello Frances,
    Thanks for your lovely comment and welcome to the Deck Jockey Jaunt.
    Your tiny trees are very pretty. My Mother had something like it which she bought in Hong Kong years ago. I haven't seen anything similar since until now. Lovely to share you desk.
    Ros #125

  11. How beautiful are those trees?!
    Welcome to WOYWW - you'll soon be hooked!
    Have a good week,

  12. Those trees are absolutely gorgeous. I lived in Tempe AZ for 2 months, I loved the place, just didnt like the heat
    Bridget #7

  13. Welcome to the group, so many talented people here, but beware, it is very addictive! Those trees are just too cute.
    Happy belated WOYWW!

  14. Beautiful trees! My little light box opened up a new world of sharing photos for me. Beading in a tray is a very smart thing to do, I will have to remember that lol. Welcome (belatedly) to WOYWW! Thanks for visiting my blog. #37

  15. Awesome love the little bead trees! Welcome again to WOYWW! Sorry I am so late getting around but it is what it is with family, crafts, etc. time can sometimes become a premium! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  16. I think your desk is awesome if you drop something on the floor under your desk you dont have to crane your head around to try and find it just look through it LOL Neat little trees, I love them. Clever light box set up too.

    Belated WOYWW greetings.
    Eliza #24

  17. Wow! Good job for maintaining a tidy work space! :) Readers will surely be inspired to do the same in their workspaces! :)

  18. Unique items you have there on your workdesk! Post more updates soon! :)


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