Monday, August 13, 2012

Light Box Love

I love making things and sharing the things I make.  Lately, I've noticed that some of my photos are just not as good as I'd like.  I have just been pointing and clicking without much set up.  So I decided to use the internet to find some help.

I learned that my biggest challenge is lighting.  I had heard of a light box before, but figured I didn't need one because I am not a professional photographer.  I found out that a light box is very effective when photographing little things (like tiny trees!), it helps focus the light to get a more crisp and clear picture.

So I broke down and made a light box.  Or I should say I supervised a light box being made;).  Thanks to Isabel and Sebastian for their help.

A light box is designed to filter light so your object is well lit without shadows or spotlights.  I found a bunch of free tutorials online, like the one available from The Digital Photography School and we had all of the materials on hand (cardboard box, duct tape, tissue paper), so it was pretty easy.  I am using a piece of white fabric for my background.  The two side walls of the box have big holes that are covered with the tissue paper to filter light from lamps.  Any lamp will do, so I am using my bedside lamp and Isabel's lamp for the left and right sides.

Here is what my homemade light box looks like:

I use the Altoid Smalls tin like a tripod, I rest the camera on it to get close up tree shots.

I have it near the window so I can open the blinds and use the indirect sunlight through the top of the box.  We put the box on an old desk with wheels Sebastian wasn't using; it is perfect because we can easily move my little light box studio when ever we need to.  

The sun light comes in brightest in the mid mornings so I am going to go play with it as soon as I post this.

I was practicing with it before the sunlight was there, here are a few of the shots:

 Here is that cool black and white turban that I made and LOVE.  I wear it in the mornings so the AC doesn't make my head cold.
I made this funny wire person yesterday as an experiment.  I am working on another prototype, so be prepared to see more tiny wire people;).

It looks like he is dancing or waving, pretty funny.

I think the photos came out great.  The white fabric is puckering and bunching a bit, so I will have to figure out a better background, like white construction paper.  Other than that, I think the light box definitely improved the lighting in my photos.

That is what I am up to on this bright and shiny Monday morning.  

 I hope your day is off to a great start.


  1. Good for you!! That's great.

  2. Good for you about the light box, I meant. You are going the extra mile. Also, if you are feeling lazy, does your computer have a program where you can lighten your photos? Mine does and it was on there automatically. Though that might not work for your crafts though. So the light box is way better.

    1. Thanks. I use Picasa, and I do sometimes lighten a bit. But on certain shots the lightening causes a fog like fading. I think it may be because I am doing close ups on such small objects. Anyway, the light box can't hurt;).


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