Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Family Facts-Nickname Edition

I am moving Tree Day to Friday this week, so come back tomorrow to see some tiny trees.

My family is very special and I post about them a lot.  There are a few interesting details about us that you may not know, like what city each of us was born in.  We also have a family tradition of goofy and random nicknames.  So today I am sharing some fun family facts and our most current nicknames.

Isabel Sophia
Born in 1999 in San Antonio, Texas.
Yes, Isabel is a wild Texas rose.
She is currently obsessed with Facebook, drawing on her DS and Lindor milk chocolate truffles.

Bonnebelle-  This is her camp nickname and her current school nick name.  A friend gave it to her from the lip gloss I think.
Isa-  Pronounced E-sa, I think this is the common nickname for Isabel.
Isa Pizza-  Comes from a poem in an old kid's book that we made to fit.  Isa pizza, pudding pie.
Little Miss-  From the movie Bicentennial Man.
Missy-  Quick version of Little Miss.
Sweet Pea- Her grandpa calls her his sweet pea.

I call Isabel Little Miss or Missy most of the time now.  Esteban and Sebastian call her Isa.

Born in 1993 on a military base in Nuernberg Germany.
Sebastian is an international man.
He is currently obsessed with XBox Live, beating up his Body Opponent Bag (BOB) and Waffle House coffee.  There is a Waffle House down the block, Sebastian and his friend go there just for a cup of coffee.

Sebas-Pronounced Sea Bass.  From school, they cut his name short because they only wanted to use the first five letters in their computer system.
Buddy and Buddy Roe-He wanted a "My Buddy" doll when he was a little boy.  Not sure where the Roe came from, it just happened one day.  It is somehow fitting for a Sea Bass to have "Roe".

We all call him Buddy here at home.  He makes it work.

Luci Sophia 
Born in 2008 in Tucson Arizona.
Luci is an Arizona Native.
Currently obsessed with her spot on the couch, watching through the front window for one of us to come home and tummy rubs.  She has grown from a lovely puppy into a gorgeous dog.

Luci Loo-I wasn't thinking of the actress (Lucy Liu, she is cool though) when I started using this one.  But the nickname seems natural because of the rhyme "Luci Loo, I love you."
Luchichi-I don't want you to think I talk to her with a baby voice, ok sometimes.

Everyone calls her Luci.  I am the only one using a nickname for her.

Born in Manhattan New York.
Esteban is from The Big Apple.
Currently obsessed with his new bike, the show Warehouse 13 and the peach milkshake at Chick-Fil-A.

Papa-The children grew up calling him Papa instead of Dad.  I like it and call him that too sometimes.
PiBi-There is a sick joke in there somewhere because this is the nickname his brother uses.
Dog Whisperer-Esteban resembles Cesar Millan.  More so before when his hair was shorter and he had a goatee.  People (women) would stop him all the time to let him know that he looks just like the dog whisperer and what a big fan they are- blah, blah, blah.  If they knew me better, the floozies would stand farther away from my husband;)

Frances Tanya
Born in San Bernardino California.
I am a California Girl?  I have to say here that I lived in California for about a year as a baby and then we moved away.  I have never been back, but always wanted to visit my birth state.
Currently obsessed with twisting wire, PicMonkey and Isabel's sweet tea (the student has become the master).

Mama-The kids grew up calling me Mama instead of Mom.  I love it, I am Mama.
Tanya-My middle name.  My family called me Tanya growing up and they still do.  Esteban calls me this most often.
Sis- My brother couldn't say Tanya when he first started talking so my parents taught him to say Sis and it stuck.  My dad still calls me Sis.

What a super cool family I have.  Thanks for taking a look at our Fun Family Facts.

Have a great Thursday.


  1. You forgot that Grandpa calls Isabel Sweet-pea and he calls you Sis. Now whenever we return from visiting you he will call Marina Sis for a very long time. I often wonder why he called you Sis. I thought that maybe when you where young that he felt so young that you where is sister but I came to the conclusion that Ray must have called you Sis and it stuck.

    1. Yes. I remember the story. Ray couldn't say Tanya when he first started talking so they taught him how to say Sis. It did stick. Sis was pretty much my name for a while. Thanks, now the list is really complete.

  2. How lovely! You have the handsomest husband in the world and the most beautiful children. I must say I am in love with your daughter's chin. It's adorable and unique. I hope it's ok that I said that. Ok, so I have no clue what a DS is. As usual I am behind the times with technology.

  3. You are right, her chin is endearing (chin love-definitely ok;).
    You are so funny, I am behind too because I wanted to call it a GameBoy. Remember those? The Nintendo DS is the latest version. It is pretty cool, with a camera and wifi. You can share pictures and drawings. Her drawings look a bit like Animae to me. I'm going to try to get some photos of her work to share.

  4. Holy moly. I do remember Nintendo. My brother and I used to go crazy with the Mario and Luigi game. I think it was called Superbrothers? I can't remember, but wow on the DS. Good for her. I guess every generation will have its new cool thing.


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