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Top Ten Movies: Ladyhawke

 I love the top ten movies post so much that I have the next four movies all picked out.  I watched a  ton of movies as a young person and I can't wait to share my favorites. 

Top Ten so far (in no order):

Coming to America 

The Fifth Element

Next is Ladyhawke.  
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I planned on not giving any of the top ten a specific number because they all have sentimental value beyond their obvious entertainment value.  But in this case, the movie means so much to me that I am forced to declare it as my #1. 

I have seen Ladyhawke more times than I have seen any other movie.  My brother and I watched it over and over again when I was in high school.  We would test each other on the most obscure lines.  We were fascinated by the movie, and I've carried it with me through the years.  I love my brother so much and this movie brings back some of the good memories of our childhood together.

The Mouse is a reluctant hero.  They are often the best kind to watch.
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 I know.  It is a fantasy movie from 1985, how good could it be?  It is a heartbreaking love story and a funny adventure with a dark magical twist.  The movie is set in medieval France, so there is just the right amount of swordplay and great sweeping views of the countryside.  I have always been impressed with the lack of special effects, it makes the fantasy feel more real. Then there is the curse.....

I've read some criticism of the music in the movie.  It is a bit different, but I've grown fond of the distinctive way Richard Donner uses music in his films.  The animals in the movie are amazing.  The horse is so huge and perfect.  The hawk and the wolf are magical.  The animals added so much to the story and the way it came to life on screen.
What does a wolf have to do with anything?  You should see the movie, definitely worth your time.
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You will recognise most of the actors.  John Wood is so effective as the evil bishop that he still visits my nightmares on occasion.  Matthew Broderick is young and fresh in this movie, he was just the person to play Phillipe the Mouse.  Michelle Pfeiffer is ethereal and so lovely, it is easy to understand the bishop's obsession.  Rutger Hauer embodies the cursed captain Navarre.
ladyhawke movie
The fierce Captain on his warhorse.  Notice the way he holds the hawk close to his chest.
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A few quotes:

"No mouse today, he's run away.  To ease the pain, he's down the drain."

"Not unlike escaping mother's womb.  God, what a memory."

"Drink.  Forget."  "An hour ago you were drunk and you remembered."

"He called upon the powers of darkness for the means to damn the lovers."

"No one escapes the dungeons of Aquila and lives to tell the tale."

"She flew away.  Gods truth, she flew away."

"Are you flesh or are you spirit?"  "I am sorrow."

"You must save this hawk he said.  For she is my life, my last and best reason for living."

"Alabaster skin and the eyes of a dove."

"Bring me the wolf.  The wolf that..........loves her."

"Our lives are in your hands now."
I don't like watching Michelle Pfeiffer in any other movies because I want to always remember her as Isobeau.
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Ladyhawke is a 1985 fantasy film directed by Richard Donner, starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Wikipedia
Release dateApril 12, 1985 (USA)
DVD release dateOctober 30, 1997
RatingPG-13 (USA)
Rutger Hauer (Captain Etienne Navarre)
Rutger Hauer
Captain Etienne Navarre
Michelle Pfeiffer (Isabeau d'Anjou)
Michelle Pfeiffer
Isabeau d'Anjou
Matthew Broderick (Phillipe Gaston)
Matthew Broderick
Phillipe Gaston
This is a fantastic college done by a fan.  You can see her post by clicking on the Photo link.
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I hope the rest of your weekend is magical.


  1. Your dad has told me many times that you and your brother would watch this moving over and over. It was one his favorites as well. He often mentioned Princes Bride as well. Have a great week.

  2. Ray is going to be so happy to see this post.

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