Monday, September 10, 2012

The Crockin' Girls

We had a nice weekend with a bit of rain, yea.  We can all feel fall coming and are excited for cooler weather.  
One thing we use a lot no matter what the season, is our crock pot.  We used a new chicken recipe this weekend that was a total hit.  I got it from a website that my step Mom let me know about.  Hi Sylvia!  The website is called  The site is owned by two Small-town girls from Texas, best friends, and busy mamas Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks.  The site has a TON of great crock pot recipes.
Jenna and Nicole-The Crockin' Girls!
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I Love chicken and there are a number of great simple chicken recipes, including a roasted chicken that I can't wait to try.  There are also recipes that you don't expect, like some of the dessert recipes.  It is amazing what these girls are making in their crock pots.

You have to set up a profile, but it is worth the time.  Take a look at Crockin Girls for a good range of delicious crockpot recipes.

Game Day Recipes
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Have a great Monday.  I have an appointment tomorrow, so I will not have a Tuesday post.  See you on Wednesday for Workdesk Wednesday!


  1. Telling it like it the girls and if you like on Facebook they come on it every Sunday for your Monday new recipe. Syl

  2. Hello, Sorry it has taken me a while to stop by, things have been a bit manic! I am loving your blog, and the tip for the chicken crock pot. I love crock pot recipes because I am really lazy, and they are really easy to do.

    Have a fab week, Annie


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