Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!?!

Since I started participating in What's On Your Workdesk, I can't wait for Wednesdays.  I look forward to seeing other desks and what everyone is working on.
Since last week I made a few of my trees.  I was trying new techniques and getting a good feel for new wire I haven't used before.   I even had time for a Christmas prototype.  Is  it too early to discuss it?  Should I at least wait for Halloween to pass for crying out loud?

My tree making tray is there on the right and I am using a scrapbooking page as a work surface for my jewelry making experiments.  My mini lightbox holds the newest trees I am preparing to photograph. 

Lately I have been thinking about sweater chains.  Did you ever have one?  It is an old fashioned piece that is usually a chain or two with clips at both ends.  You hook it to both sides of an open sweater or jacket.  I got one in high school and loved wearing it.  I want to make one and found clips that will work.  I used a bunch of brass pieces that I like.  I also wanted to incorporate a few color beads.  Here is what my first try looks like: 

I wore it yesterday and loved it!!  I am going to make a few more, Isabel even wants one.

I am delighted by the warm and friendly community of WOYWW bloggers.  I love seeing the desks, getting to peek into such creative and interesting lives.  I also appreciate each and every comment.  

No desk is more fascinating than the true artist desk of the inventor of Workdesk Wednesday, Julia Dunnit.  Julia has a lovely blog called Stamping Ground, where she shares some of her incredible stamp work.  You can stop by her blog to see the list of Workdesk Wednesday participants by clicking on the WOYWW button below.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Workdesk Wednesday!


  1. Hi Frances
    Your creative workspace and bits and bobs that are out look so interesting. I am intrigued by your trees so I will pop back again to delve deeper.
    Thanks for visiting me and following.
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs {brenda} xox #147

  2. Love your desk, all those charms & chains etc.. they look fabulous love your light box with the trees.. so special.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x#5

  3. What a great little space. I have tinkered with some jewelry embellishments. Looks like fun. Thanks for coming over to my WOYWW, I mistakenly linked it to 2wksago, I do have one for this week as well. Happy crafting, Lisa

  4. You have such a lot of interesting things going on on your desk, Frances. Your jewellery making is beautiful, looks like you could be starting a new craze with your lovely chains.
    The trees sound fascintating, I will be back to find out more.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks so much for visiting
    Hugs Lisax #105

  5. If you are making stuff for Christmas it really is time to be thinking about it but if you are just waxing nostalgic about it, probably we'll come and beat you with sticks. I love the little trees. I had hubby's mom make me a weeping willow tree of similar design back when she was sane. I like your workdesk with so much in reach. I laughed at the egg carton--a must have sorting tray for all beaders. I love the idea of bringing sweater chains back! Bring it on!

  6. How wonderful!!! I love your work! My Grandmother had a sweater chain and I always teased her about it. But it was a very smart invention!!!! Your trees are amazing - just WOW!


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